DogeGF Burn Announcement 🔥

Dear DogeGF wonderful community, we are happy to announce that we have just performed the second burn of DogeGF!

Token burning helps maintain a healthy cryptocurrency, keeping the token supply low while balancing the value of each token. Token burning is also completed in fairness to early contributors and the community in general.

Therefore, yesterday we asked our community on Twitter to be part of our second token burn. Today we are happy to say that because of your amazing level of commitment we successfully conducted our second major burn.

Based on your reactions on Twitter, we kept our promise and burned 500.000$ worth of DogeGF. This equals 172,000,000,000,000 tokens that come from the marketing fund.

DogeGF was born 4 months ago and fast forward to the present, we managed to organically grow a fantastic community of DogeGF enthusiasts.

These token burns will happen quarterly as the DogeGF continues to grow organically.

We think that this is a step in the right direction that is beneficial for everyone and makes a clear statement that we really care for our community, and we look forward to building our vision for a reciprocal society.

We have many exciting upcoming plans for the future and for this community of true and kind people.

In terms of other future deliverables, we will share an updated roadmap and white paper with you all soon.

We are growing our team, so if you are a web graphic designer, or you know one, please hit us up with your resume at

Thank you!




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