DogeGF is rewarding internet creators with kind gestures

2 min readAug 20, 2021


The internet is a cool place populated by millions of great creators that offer us great content to enjoy, learn and share. We, at DogeGF want to support these creators to continue creating more great content by rewarding them with a kind gesture.

For this, we are launching today a campaign (#KindCreators) to find the first 10 internet creators that DogeGF wants to support for continuing to make our stay on the internet more enriching.

For this, we invite you all to tell us more about the creator you’d like us to reward here:

We’ll accept submissions until the 1st of September, 12pm, Pacific. Then, we’ll proceed with the selection process. For the first batch of 10, the creators will be selected by the DogeGF team. Then, for the future batches, we will also include our community members in the selection process.

For updates on the #KindCreators campaign, please follow our Twitter and Telegram accounts. Can’t wait to read your submissions about the people that make your stay on the internet better.

DogeGF is a project that takes part in building a new era of progress for humans, an era during which “I will help you back” returns as a norm, kind gestures are rewarded, and unkind ones are penalized.

Follow our journey here:

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