DogeGF, the reward platform for kind gestures

3 min readJul 2, 2021


In our origin post, we said that Bitcoin was a kind gesture made by Satoshi that sparked the creation of the crypto economy. Since then, millions of people became exposed to crypto currencies, and today, this entire economy is worth hundreds of $ billions.

This is great, but it’s not enough. Currencies are not enough.

Currencies without assets and goods have no great use. We use currencies to make transactions, and purchase stuff & services: food, cars, houses, gadgets, luxury items, trips, etc. Currencies are useful, but they are useful only when and if we can make transactions with them.

Imagine playing a game, and earning a lot of in-app currency in your virtual wallet (gems, gold, etc). If you don’t have virtual items to buy with your collected currency, the currency will become useless, and eventually you’ll stop playing the game.

Same is true for the crypto game. In order for crypto players to continue playing the game, they need an use for their currencies. We like it or not, the cryptoverse will mirror in many ways the traditional economy on many levels, from usage and structure to incentives and behaviors. So, if we’re doing the mirror anyway, at least let’s make it better.

We need to build a better game to get better rewards

Everyday, millions of people around the world are working hard on transforming other people’s wishes into reality. These are the superheroes of our Generation, the people that are making this planet better one kind gesture at a time.

Many times, however, these people’s gestures remain unknown as there is no database of kind gestures. But, what if there would be one? What if there could be a way to create a big book of kind gestures, a ledger of kind addresses?

Meet DogeGiFt, a platform for kind gestures based on reciprocity

DogeGiFt will be a platform that will track and support kind gestures on the Ethereum blockchain. For the first stage, we will look for and support projects that are working on building a better internet, and then we’ll scale also to other categories, even outside of crypto.

How it will work?

  • If you want to request a kind gesture -> join DogeGiFt, add your project, then request kind gestures for it by transforming it into an NFT. Your helpers will be able to invest in the NFT, and their gesture will remain forever on the blockchain.
  • If you want to offer a kind gesture -> find a project you want to support, then invest in its NFT. Again, your gesture will remain forever.

With DogeGiFt, every kind gesture will be remembered, and thus, the givers of the kind gestures will be remembered too. As a result, we expect this to lead to reciprocity and to perpetual rewards and praises received by the creators of kind gestures.

In the upcoming days we will communicate more about DogeGiFt ‘s roadmap, but we can already say that we expect a very busy Q3.

Enjoy the Summer, follow DogeGF, and be kind!

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