DogeGF, the start of a new, true & kind crypto community

DogeGF was launched as a gift for the crypto nation who believed in creating a coin based on reciprocity. 4 months later to today, we managed to grow organically a fantastic community of Doge girlfriend enthusiasts that pushed the diluted market cap to +$60 million.

This is the result of a vision that imagines a society based on reciprocity where true and kind people make kind gestures and get rewarded. It seems a pretty basic concept, but it’s not. Let us explain.

The Crypto world is flooded with coin projects that appear, buy some followers, grow to various levels, then disappear. By analogy, just as an infection might be beneficial for the human body because it trains the immune system to fight, so are these fake projects for the crypto community. They train crypto investors to be more careful with the projects they invest in their time, effort and money.

We, at DogeGF are quite proud of the fact that we grew organically without spending tons of money on “ghost” marketing campaigns or buying fake followers. Instead, we remained focused and aligned to the vision: creating a project based on reciprocity that will reward the ones that believe crypto should be a community governed by kind gestures, not rug pulls and fake likes.

So, what’s next for DogeGF?

Long story short: Building.

We will continue to build the team, the community, and the product. Our vision is more than just a coin, and for this we first need the brightest and kindest minds we can find to join us. For this, we are currently looking to hire colleagues for the following positions:

  • Senior Ethereum developer
  • Senior React Developer
  • Community manager
  • Partnerships manager

If you are interested in joining #DogeGF or you know someone who might be a fit, please reach out at

Some good news: in the past week, we managed to attract already some top talent in the team, and we are sure that you’ll notice the added value in the upcoming weeks.

For compensating the DogeGF team, we’ll use the tokens allocated to Marketing & Community. As we already informed, the team tokens are currently locked, and we’ll extend the locking period for at least 1 more year.

Last, but not least, we’d like to share with you the story of one of the earliest $DogeGF holders. This person invested $200 in our vision, and now, those tokens are worth $30.000. That’s just great, and we’re deeply happy to see that we are helping people live better lives.

Be kind, dears!




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