Polygon bridge announcement for DogeGF holders

2 min readFeb 8, 2022


Dear DogeGF Community,

As mentioned earlier on our social media channels, we have discovered a bug with the DogeGF token contract on Polygon which allowed third parties to mint additional tokens on Polygon. Therefore we asked the Polygon Support team to pause the bridge until we can be certain that the Polygon token contract is safe.

If you have DogeGF tokens on Ethereum you don’t need to take any further action!

If you have DogeGF tokens on Polygon it might take a while until the Polygon Bridge is working again, but we decided to offer a workaround to help our users bridge back to Ethereum.

If you wish to move your tokens back to Ethereum, you will have to send your Polygon DogeGF tokens to the following address:


We will then manually send you the equivalent amount of DogeGF tokens on Ethereum (plus a small bonus to account for gas costs). We will review every transaction to ensure all real users are included and the tokens will be sent in batches every few hours.

If you used the Polygon bridge and your transaction got stuck, please reach out with the details and we will send you back the tokens as well.

The liquidity on Polygon will also be removed until we are certain no more tokens can be minted there.

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT send your Polygon tokens to any other address other than the one mentioned above.

Thank you for your understanding!

With love and kindness,

DogeGF team