Reciprocity, the new experiment in crypto — part 1.

3 min readJun 20, 2021


In building DogeGF, we took inspiration from our ancestors who developed a reciprocal mechanic to make transactions between each other.

Time to explain.

Imagine a small community of early humans living somewhere around the Globe a few thousands of years ago. Back in those days, people survived mostly based of their work, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t collaborate and help each other in order to have a better life.

The early humans worked as groups of people who relied on each other, backing their actions with words and facts, not with resources or money.

“I will help you back” was the first credit. The great-great-great — — grandparent of DeFI if you want.

Back then, if you wanted to start your own family and build a house, the entire community would help you. They will all assemble and share the best of their skills and resources in order to help you start. And by doing so, they were not only helping you, but the community too, which got stronger with every new member connected to the reciprocal society.

After your house was finished, when another member wanted to build his own house, you would go and help him too. That’s the interest you had to pay for the credit you took when the community helped you.

Now, this was the foundation, the structure and the norms that had to be followed by the members of the community. But, that’s not the entire story.

There’s also Kind Gestures.

A kind gesture is something you do not because that’s the norm and everyone does it. It’s not a credit you take with interest. It’s more like a donation of something that you have to offer without expecting something in return, other than making yourself feel better about the outcome of your actions.

It’s a very complex matter on many levels, just as humans are. And it gets even more complex when we add in the picture the antonym.

The Unkind Gestures.

Again, this is something you don’t do because it’s the norm and everyone does it, but it’s more like an action you choose to do in order to make yourself feel better about creating a poor outcome for others.

Ideally, we would want to live in a society with no unkind gestures, or at least with more kind ones. But, this is utopic because it’s not math. Two kind gestures are not necessarily better for the community than an unkind one. Very often throughout history, one unkind gesture was enough to create immense poor outcomes for many people, and kindness was simply not enough to fight it.

With this in mind, and fast forward thousands of years to today, we live now in the early days of a new era that’s formed around blockchain. An era with some already existing norms, but also with plenty of hazard caused by both kind and unkind gestures.

In retrospect, this new world was inevitable.

It’s just another era in our timeline as humans, and as the generation that lives now, we have the responsibility to seize the opportunity and assemble to work for the best of our community.

We, as DogeGF want to take part in building a new era of progress for humans, an era during which “I will help you back” returns as a norm, kind gestures are rewarded, and unkind ones are penalized.

We will share more about how we plan to do this in the upcoming days. Follow us and join us in building the new reciprocal society.

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