We are happy to announce that DogeGF is now available to trade on Polygon Network.

3 min readDec 30, 2021

Because this is something new for many of you, there is a guide below where we show you how to interact with Polygon.

By using Polygon you can buy or sell DogeGF with significantly lower gas fees compared to the Ethereum network. Keep in mind that having DogeGF available on the Polygon network doesn’t affect the tokens that you already own.

The best way to use Polygon is to transfer some Matic or USDC from an exchange (for eg. Binance or Coinbase) to the Polygon Network. You can use Metamask on Polygon as your wallet.

If instead you want to bridge your tokens from Ethereum to Polygon you will have to use the Official Polygon Bridge.

Head over to the Matic Web Wallet and connect to your Ethereum wallet at the following address:


Connect to your Ethereum wallet using one of the methods below, Metamask is preferred.

You will be asked to sign the transaction — click on Sign (no costs involved).

Once you have connected, you will see a dashboard showing your all token balances on Polygon.

Click on Deposit in order to move your funds from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon Network.

After you choose the amount of tokens that you want to bridge click Transfer, then click Continue to move funds from Ethereum to Polygon.

You’ll be shown a transfer overview that shows the total gas required to bridge the token over, click Continue to proceed and follow the instructions on the screen. Once your tokens are transferred, it will take 8–10 minutes for them to arrive to your wallet address on Polygon. You can view them in your dashboard.

On the Polygon network, gas fees are paid in $MATIC instead of $ETH and the cost is much lower. If you have used the official Polygon bridge, you will also receive a small amount of free $MATIC tokens to do your first transactions.

Then, all you have to do is go to Uniswap and start trading exactly like on the Ethereum network, just make sure that you’re changing the network from Ethereum to Polygon.

DogeGF’s contract on Polygon:


And if you are still here at the end of this article, we have a little surprise for you.

We added DogeGF liquidity on Polygon at a very attractive price (for MATIC and USDC) so if you are among the first buyers, this is an opportunity that you can take advantage of.

As always, thanks to everyone for sticking by us so far, there is more to come!